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Tuesday, 22 august 2017



According to the work on the overhaul of the bridge across the river Esentai (Vesnovka) along the Abay avenue, the following changes will be made to the traffic scheme

16 august 2017
The executive committee of Almaty starts suburban railway services
16 august 2017
A new deputy of Turksib district of the Almaty city was appointed
15 august 2017
Almaty’s executive committee held a meeting on the realization of state and government programs
14 august 2017
Additional funds are allocated in Almaty for the development of the city and the social needs of citizens
11 august 2017
"Nurly Zher" will give a new impulse to the development of the country's construction industry”:said the governor of Almaty
11 august 2017
The governor of Almaty inspected the course of reconstruction of the city
10 august 2017
The work on the construction of new irrigation networks continues in Almaty
08 august 2017
The governor of Almaty checked the process of works on reconstruction of road and municipal infrastructure of the city
07 august 2017
More than 60 festivals and concerts will be held in Almaty on the Day of the City
01 august 2017
In September, a number of streets of Almaty will become one-sided
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