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Tuesday, 21 august 2018

Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness


16 august 2018
In the Turksib district of Almaty more than half of the yards have been repaired
13 august 2018
The governor of Almaty is planning to renew public transport to 80% this year
09 august 2018
Young Almaty residents are identified who will be able to purchase housing through the Almaty Zhastary program
09 august 2018
In Almaty, over 1,300 yards were repaired within three years
09 august 2018
Transformation of underground passages in Almaty
08 august 2018
Which street would you like to repair in Almaty?
07 august 2018
Why the high-speed bus corridor is done along Timiryazev street
07 august 2018
Baum grove’s seized land was returned to the city
04 august 2018
In Almaty ,by the lake «Sayran» there is started the Asian triathlon cup.
02 august 2018
Bauyrzhan Baibek inspected the modernization of urban infrastructure in Almaty
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