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Wednesday, 23 september 2020
Administration / Administrations structure / Chief of staff of mayors office
Chief of staff of Almaty city mayors office
Talgat Esenalievich
Chief of staff of Almaty city Mayor’s Office
Waiting room :
+7 (727) +7 (727) 271-66-88, 271-67-26

It coordinates the housing building questions and directs the activities of Almaty city’s executive committee’s apparatus .

It provides with the relationship of Almaty city’s executive committee’s apparatus, the counselor and the governor’s head inspector’s of Almaty city.

It provides with the normative legal acts’ control of the president of republic of Kazakhstan , upper state organs, the Almaty city’s governor and the city’s structure.

It organizes the realization of human resources policies of Almaty city’s governor, the control of labor rights and functional disciplines of Almaty’s state management ‘s organs.

It provides the cooperation of Almaty city’s governor with the central election commission of republic of Kazahstan, the Almaty city’s maslikhat, the Ministry Department of State Services of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty, the territorial subdivision of central state organs, the executive organs financed by the local budget of Almaty city.

It directs the activities:

1.Almaty city’s governor’s apparatus

2. Housing management and Almaty city’s housing inspection

It oversees the activities of :

1. Alatau region

2.Almaly region

3.Auezov region

4.Bostandyk region

5.Zhetysu region

6. Medeu region

7. Nauryzbay region

8.Turksib region

9. Limited Liability Partnership” Zhas Otau”LLP

10. Limited Liability Partnership “ Economic management of Almaty city’s governor

11. Limited Liability Partnership “ Special combine of ritual service of Almaty city.

12. Limited Liability Partnership ”Almaty city’s information system center”

13. Limited Liability Partnership “Almaty zharnama”

14. Limited Liability Partnership “Almaty turgyn uy”

15.Communal state enterprises”Almaty city’s real estate center ”

It organizes the work of:

1. Commissions of materials approval about the represented ones for the awards of state rewards of the republic of Kazakhstan.

2.Commissions of annual evaluation for the activities of state employees woking in “B” corpus.

3. Housing commission in the executive committee of Almaty city

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