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Wednesday, 27 may 2020
Social sphere / Economics / General layout of city development
General layout of Almaty

The 2020 General Plan of Almaty Development is the main document of the city building with the purpose of ecological security, protection of environment and cultural legacy and establishing favourable conditions for the city sustained development.

The General Plan is designed in a way so that Almaty will continue performing functions of the Southern capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan and strengthen relations with Almaty agglomeration.

The General Plan is considered as the basis for elaborating and implementing long-term and short-term programmes focused on city infrastructure development, preserving and cultivating of natural complex, reconstruction of dwellings and reorganization of production facilities, construction of public, business and cultural centers, developing tourism sphere, improvement of living conditions in the city, elaboration and implementation of urban plans to develop administrative districts and other territorial units in Almaty and design of projects aimed at city planning and building.

The objective of the General Plan for Almaty is to hold a complex of city building measures to facilitate ecologically safe, secure and socially comfortable environment.

The main idea of the architectural and city building General Plan is to preserve and continue shaping the current profile of Almaty – “City of Apples ”.

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