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Tuesday, 21 may 2019
Municipal fleet received 100 new buses with natural gas engines on the eve of the Almaty Anniversary
05 september 2016

Green Bus Company, having in trust public bus fleets and a trolleybus fleet of Almaty, has bought 100 additional buses with natural gas engines. Investments of the company comprised about 4 billion KZT.

City mayor Bauyrzhan Baybek inspected the new carrying equipment. "Our goal is to create transparent market relations in the transport industry of Almaty, which will be subordinated to taxpayers. We will do our best to support the companies that invest their own money in upgrading the carrying equipment, increasing traffic quality, creating conditions for employees, because the transport system is essential for Almaty", - B.Baybek said.

The mayor noted that the introduction of lanes designated for public transport is appreciated by the population, because the travel time is reduced almost by a third. "People need to see the buses of high quality that reach the destination by the public transport lane quickly – then they will start using public transport more often. Moreover, it will be much more profitable with the paid parking lots. Today a private company purchased 100 new buses with natural gas engines, which enhances the quality of services provided to Almaty residents", he added.

Youtong buses (12 meters) will begin to serve inner-city routes in September. All buses will be equipped with navigation systems and electronic ticketing "Onaj"; buses will also have additional equipment that will allow to sale single tickets for passengers wishing to pay in cash.

As reported by Director of the Green Bus Company Baurdzhan Kulishev, at the moment of transfer of the bus fleet, where there were 212 trolleybuses and more than 600 buses, about 180 buses were in disrepair; all of them will be repaired and will go to their routes until the end of the year. The company has already paid off accounts payable of Almatyelektrotrans LLP, which is 700 million KZT; the company also repaid debts on wages to employees in the amount of 186 million KZT.

Today there are 109 urban routes in Almaty. They are served by more than 1600 units of public transport. Green Bus Company LLP serves 37 bus routes and 8 trolleybus routes, with a planned number of 712 units on the routes, which is more than 50% of the whole passenger transport market of Almaty.

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