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Tuesday, 20 november 2018
The Astana square has been reconstructed in Almaty
07 september 2017

In Almaty there has been an opening of the reconstructed square with the priority for pedestrians "Astana". The opening ceremony, which was marked by the launch of two dry fountains having original illumination at night, was attended by the governor of the megapolis Bauyrzhan Baibek.

In the framework of the reconstruction project of Astana Square, it has been completed before the planned time, the number of lanes of the carriageway was reduced, and pedestrians with traffic flows were separated by bollards.

Bike paths are laid on the liberated space, granite paving stones are laid out, landscaping with sod and lavender flower beds is made. The staircase esplanade has renovated, where an open amphitheater is equipped, two dry fountains with illumination are installed in front of it at night.


Lights installed in the classical style, as well as urns, benches and author's small architectural forms are installed. The pavement is enriched and paved with cobbles on the south side of the square. In October, lime and maple alleys will be planted on the square.


During the opening ceremony of the reconstructed "Astana" square, bright theater and dance performances were organized for residents and visitors of the city, photo-zones and retro-installations were organized, etc.


It is worthy to note that works on reconstruction with priority for pedestrians of streets Kabanbai batyr, Panfilov, Zhibek zholy and Gogol are continuing. The threshold lines are being leveled, the entrance groups are brought to the same style, the facades of buildings are being renewed. The automatic system of watering of green plantings, new channel trays is laid, in certain areas paving blocks are completed, dry fountains are installed, pedestrian traffic lights, lights, small architectural forms are installed.


The complete readiness of all objects with a new paving stone, small architectural forms, lighting, landscaping, dry fountains, rest areas, children's playgrounds, bicycle paths is planned for the City Day. It should be noted that trees will be planted during the autumn planting season to ensure their maximum survival. It will not be saplings, but adult trees: birches, oaks, limes and aspens. In total, more than 330,000 m2 will be landscaped.

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