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Friday, 14 december 2018
1.4 million public services have been rendered in an electronic form for a year in Almaty
26 december 2017

The governor of the megapolis Bauyrzhan Baibek informed about it during the meeting of the Government. He noted that on the instructions of the Head of the State in Almaty, a systematic work on digitalization was carried out, a concept and detailed road map for "Smart Almaty" was developed. Already today, 40% of e-commerce consumers and 54% of all non-cash settlements in Kazakhstan are in Almaty. The number of public services rendered in the city in an electronic form increased 8-fold, amounting to 1.4 million in 2017.

"When choosing IT solutions, we are primarily guided by the criteria of socio-economic efficiency or economic returns. So, already a number of implemented projects seriously reduced the level of the shadow economy and allowed to ensure the market functioning of the transport system. According to the Onay system, 350 million transactions were reached for 20 billion tenge. The "A-Parking" system covers 10% of the parking spaces in the city center, which increased the tax revenue five times from 38 million to 190 million tenge. Now we are also developing an "Intelligent Transport System" with route optimization and traffic management," said Bauyrzhan Baibek.

Bauyrzhan Baibek also said that in order to ensure transparency on the portal almatygenplan.kz, red lines, power of thermal and electrical systems, water supply, etc. are placed openly. The time for the development of engineering projects has been reduced by half, and unjustified refusal to issue technical conditions has been excluded. For 2018, it is planned to launch a 3D city map, complete the digital certification of infrastructure.

In addition, in order to ensure transparency of activities and prompt feedback to residents in the pilot mode, the "Electronic COA" is launched. Next year, it is planned to implement systems for recording losses on thermal and water networks, as well as mobile payments for comservices. A monitoring system for mudflows is being developed.

It should be noted that earlier in Almaty the public reception office of the executive committee of the new format "Open Almaty" was opened. Considered more than 5 thousand appeals, regulated 560 life situations not covered by the CSCs. In the framework of the program "Ruhani zhangyru", together with the General Prosecutor's Office, the Center for Legal Services is open on the open space principle. Automated reception in the first class of schools, housing documents, the distribution of places in kindergartens, the issuance of APZ.

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