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Wednesday, 17 october 2018
Almost one billion tenge is returned to the budget of Almaty from savings at the Universiade
28 december 2017

In Almaty, the procedure for the liquidation of the state fund "Directorate for the preparation and holding of the 28th World Winter Universiade 2017" was completed. After the inspections of financial and economic activities carried out in accordance with the legislation of the country, all documents of the fund were transferred to the Central State Archives of the city.

Summing up the results of financial and economic activity, ex-head of the Directorate Nail Nurov said that just a few days ago almost one billion tenge was returned to the budget of Almaty.

"The Kazakhstani Universiade has become the most economical and low-cost sporting event in the history of the Winter Games. The preliminary budget of 32 billions tenge were optimized to 17.8 billions tenge, and in the process it was possible to save another 4 billions tenge. Just a few days ago almost one billion tenge saved in the budget of Almaty was returned. Thus, the total savings from operating activities amounted to 5 billions tenge, transferred to the state budget. Despite the savings in Almaty, the most large-scale competitions in the history of the Winter Games were held. They were attended by more than 2 thousand athletes from 57 countries, over 120 international judges. For the first time in the history of the Winter Universiade, a modern Athletic village was built, which has now become the home for Almaty residents who were previously in the queue for housing," he said.

In general, the Universiade left a rich heritage and, above all, sports infrastructure - built from scratch sports complexes Almaty Arena and Halyk Arena, modernized Shymbulak, Medeu, Sunkar and the Palace of Sports named after I. Baluan Sholak. All objects of the Universiade are brought in line with international standards.

We remind you that during the Universiade in Almaty, more than 230,000 tickets were sold. Over 30 thousand tourists and 170 thousand citizens from regions of the country visited Almaty. The quality of urban services was significantly improved: 87% of restaurants, cafes and hotels in Almaty confirmed the high quality of services according to the requirements of international tour operators.

In August, during the meeting of the FISU Executive Committee in Taipei (China), the Games were highly appreciated in Almaty, which was recognized as the best winter Universiade in the history of the Student Games.

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