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Friday, 14 december 2018
In Almaty new buses launched to Medeu
05 january 2018

In Almaty, as part of the transport reform and the establishment of a sustainable public transport system, the rolling stock continues to be renewed and the route network increased. During the working tour Almaty’s governor Bauyrzhan Baibek inspected the new buses that will run along the route number 12 from the hotel "Kazakhstan" to the high-mountain skating rink "Medeu".

Within the framework of the Almaty transport reform, 388 buses of various capacities were purchased. 195 of them are already on routes, another 200 new buses have already arrived in the city and will be phased out on routes. In turn, private carriers also purchase 254 new buses, of which 91 are already plying on city roads.

In general, the renewal of the bus fleet of the city by almost 30% and the increase in the route network increased passenger traffic by 20.6%. If in 2016 174.6 million people were transported, in 2017 there were already 220.1 million people. At the same time, routes on which the carrier does not provide a planned exit, an interval and an update of rolling stock will be transferred to Almatytelectrans. So, on the route number 70 buses were renewed and the interval was shortened, passenger traffic grew 12 times from 395 people to 4,600 people a day. Launched recently, the main route No. 201 with 18-meter buses-harmonics already transports about 11.6 thousand people a day, the expected passenger flow is 25 thousand people.

The new 12-meter low-floor buses of ecological class Euro-5 with a capacity of more than 100 people, equipped with air-conditioners, CCTV cameras, ramps, etc., served on Route 12. The service route was organized by Almatytelektrotrans LLP, the interval between buses was reduced on weekdays by six minutes, in the weekend is two minutes. The number of rolling stock is increased to six on weekdays and up to ten units at weekends. The newly released buses of "Green Bus Company" LLP will be used to reinforce Route 120, which will later become circular.

It should be reminded that previously new buses went to routes No.22, 70, 86, 65, 103, 50, 126, 112, route No. 77 was renewed and main line No. 201 was launched. For a full-fledged transport service, the eight routes that were connected to the city from the neighboring region were launched.

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