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Thursday, 26 april 2018
The governor of Almaty reported to the Head of State about the socio-economic development of the city
06 january 2018

During the meeting held at the Almaty residence of the President of Kazakhstan, Bauyrzhan Baibek reported to the Head of State about the current work on the social and economic development of the city.

The President of Kazakhstan noted the important role of Almaty in the economic scale of the whole country and stressed that the issues of the city's development are constantly on its personal control.

- If the city's population reaches 2 million people, then it becomes economically self-sufficient. It creates new opportunities, becomes the center of attraction for small and medium-sized businesses. Such cities can create goods and raise the country without raw materials," said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The head of state drew attention to the issues of gasification and improvement of the ecology of Almaty.

- We need to continue to work towards gasification of power plants, private housing, transfer of public and private vehicles to gas. In the future, we should come to the fact that in Almaty and Astana we will only ride electric cars," said the President of Kazakhstan.

In turn, B.Baybek informed the Head of State about the beginning of construction of the Big Almaty Ring Road (BAKAD) and attraction of investments worth $ 1.5 billion for the implementation of this project.

"The implementation of this project will relieve the city of 10% or 40-60 thousand cars per day, which will positively affect the ecological condition and will include the transport and logistics network of Almaty in the system of Western Europe-Western China," Almaty’s governor said.

Along with this, during the meeting, issues of transferring industrial enterprises outside the city limits, as well as measures taken by the akimat of Almaty to provide housing for citizens from among the socially vulnerable segments of the population were discussed.

- This year, distributed about 6 thousand rental apartments, including 1,748 apartments in the Athletic Village. Thus, every third family in the queue is provided with housing, - reported B. Baibek.

Following the meeting, the Head of State gave a number of specific instructions on the further development of the city of Almaty.

The growth of Almaty's economy is forecasted at the level of at least 3% for the year.

The growth of industry, construction, investments, the number of active SMEs will be more than 3%, housing construction - more than 2%. Production of products by SMEs grew by 20.7%.

The republican budget collected taxes by 6% more (1.3 trillion tenge), to the local budget - by 10% more (372 billion tenge) than last year.

The development amounted to 99.5%, the existing savings - 1.5 billion tenge.

As a result of the government's anti-crisis program and local measures, almost 45,000 jobs were created.

Bus fleet of the city in 2017 was updated by 30%, 500 buses were purchased.

A research institute on architecture, urban planning and the development of the city's master plan - Almatygengplan has been established.

Together with the Government, the process of transferring the FEZ PIT "Alatau" to communal ownership was initiated.

Together with the SWF "Samruk-Kazyna" a question is being considered on the transfer of CHP-2 to gas.

As part of the expansion and modernization of the international airport, a new runway 3B has been built, old buildings have been demolished for the construction of a VIP terminal, and a sketch of a new building is being developed.

In 93 student dormitories, repairs were carried out, social and living conditions were improved. The construction of 4 hostels for 2 thousand people is nearing completion.

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