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Saturday, 19 january 2019
New bus routes launched in Almaty
12 january 2018

In Almaty, as part of the transport reform and the establishment of a sustainable public transport system, the rolling stock continues to be renewed and the route network increased. Today, two new routes No. 46 and No. 122 with small capacity buses have been launched.

So, on the basis of numerous calls from residents of Zhetysu district, route No. 46 was developed, the following from the Pervomayka - Universal Market md. Kulager – the executive committee of Zhetysu district - Belinsky Street and reaching the Almaty-1 railway station. This route is served by 10 rolling stock units with an interval of 10 minutes. The expected passenger traffic is 3000 people per day.

For transport provision of residents md. Rakhat and Madeniet Alatau district in route number 122, previously discussed by one bus, changes were made with the following tracing: m. Rakhat, Madeniet - school №196 - M.Shokai St.-Central - BAK- mkr.Sayaly-auto TSON-ul. Akyn Sarah - ul.B.Momyshuly - st. Universiadnaya - Center of the Alatau District. From today, the route is served by five buses with an interval of 20 minutes.

It should be reminded that previously new buses went to routes No.12, 22, 70, 86, 65, 103, 50, 126, 112, route No. 77 was renewed and main line No. 201 was launched.

In total, 388 buses of various capacities were purchased within the framework of the transport reform, 210 of them already on the routes, and about 180 new buses will be phased out by the end of February. In turn, private carriers also purchase 254 new buses, of which 91 are already plying on city roads.

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200 new gas buses will be bought in Almaty
18 january 2019 - 14:15
The announcement has been published on the government procurement portal. According to the technical specifications, the buses must be large, low-floored, equipped with air conditioning, security cameras, ramps for people with disabilities and comply with the Euro-5 environmental standard. According to the transport reform realized in the city, 479 new buses started their service in 2018. On the BRT line, the first electronic scoreboards appeared at bus stops, where current information is displayed with ...
In Almaty, Esentai river’s bank protection is being done to prevent emergencies
15 january 2019 - 16:43
The governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek during the working visit checked the tempo of work on bank protection of the Esentai river bed south of Al-Farabi Avenue. In summer, the embankment will be improved here with the arrangement of sidewalks, lighting, children's and sports grounds. Planned planting about 4000 trees. As of today, about 65% of the work on the bank protection of the 1.8 km section with the construction of retaining walls, reinforcement of the bottom with reinforced concrete and constructi...
First police front offices have been opened in Almaty
11 january 2019 - 16:45
The governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek ,during the working visit, went to the first service-oriented front offices built at the correctional institution and the district police department. The first such front office appeared at a penal institution on Krasnogorskaya street. Previously, relatives and lawyers had to stand outside the entrance to the institution for several hours, unable to use the restroom; there was no waiting room or storage rooms. The launch of the front office with a single checkpoint ...
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