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Friday, 5 june 2020
A chief architect has been appointed in Almaty
27 december 2018

Almaskhan Akhmedzhanov has been appointed as the new head of the department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the city in Almaty.

He was born in Almaty. He has been working at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the city of Almaty for more than 19 years, starting his career with a chief specialist. The last 10 years was the deputy head of this department. He is the graduate of the Kazakh State University named after Abay and the Kazakh State Academy of Transport and Communication named after M. Tynyshbaev, specialty "Engineer - builder."

The new chief architect of the city has been given a number of tasks, including ensuring effective management work within the framework of the “City for People” concept using international experience and innovative technologies ensuring the formation of a comfortable and environmentally friendly urban environment.

In addition, it is necessary to involve more actively in the development of projects for the construction of creative architects and designers for the further formation of the professional personnel potential of the city while ensuring the continuity of knowledge and experience. To this end, a Center for Creative Ideas and Professional Support for Young Professionals will be created on the basis of the Scientific Research Institute "AlmatyGENPLAN".

It should be mentioned that the governor of Almaty, Bauyrzhan Baybek, told that at the beginning of next year, the concept of a master plan for the development of the city would be available to the public. Every resident and representative of the business will be able to get acquainted with him and give their suggestions.

“On behalf of the Head of State, the Almaty Almaty Plan Development Institute was created, which will directly deal with the implementation of the Master Plan. The city will no longer develop spontaneously. According to the “people to infrastructure” principle, promising areas of development will be defined, where, according to the polycentric approach, we will provide comfortable buildings with all infrastructure, public spaces and leisure facilities with 20-minute walking distance to work and school. Digital technologies will be widely used in the city administration. A platform has already been created for the Situation Center, where 20 urban systems are integrated. A big data has been formed. Real-time analysis of automobile and pedestrian flows, the regularity of public transport, the workload of kindergartens and schools, the city budget, and the monitoring of more than 1,200 city development indicators are being conducted, ”the head of a city noted.

In order to create a comfortable urban environment, over the past two years, two thirds of the historical center of Almaty has been modernized. Next year, according to the “City for People” principle, the arrangement of new pedestrian zones is planned, including on the streets of Zhibek Zholy, Baiseitova and Tole bi. Seven districts will be reconstructed along the same street with the expansion of sidewalks, the installation of modern street furniture, as well as overhaul of five and routine repairs of nine parks and squares.

In 2019, the large-scale improvement of Almaty courtyards will continue. If over the past two years almost 1,400 households were equipped, in 2019 at least 600 more households will be modernized.

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