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Thursday, 27 june 2019
A director of the green economy department of Almaty has been appointed
22 february 2019

Yerzhan Seytenov became the head of the green economy department of the city of Almaty. Before it, he worked as the head of the office for the control over the use and protection of lands of the city.

Among the tasks assigned to the new head of the department, it is possible to highlight such areas as improving the urban environment, including by introducing the most efficient "green" projects in various sectors of the economy, reducing the anthropogenic load on the city’s ecosystem through rational use of water resources, conservation and increase green fund.

The governor of the city is tasked to begin work on improving the system of collecting, recycling and recycling, effective planning of environmental measures, taking into account the principles of a green economy and the most successful international experience, creating a reliable platform for determining all sources of pollution using big data. In addition, it is necessary to work out the issue of removal of industrial enterprises that have the greatest impact on environmental pollution outside the city.

It is worthy to note that the executive committee of Almaty was transformed before. Today, the work of all departments and district executive committee is being completely rebuilt, work is underway to streamline processes, introduce digital technologies and corporate governance, as well as improve the quality of public services. Six departments were eliminated by transferring functions to other structural divisions. This made it possible not only to reduce managerial and auxiliary posts, but to redirect the released units to strengthen the departments that work closely with the population.

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