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Tuesday, 16 july 2019
In Almaty there will be started a pilot project" Budget participation". The part of the means will be distributed by the citizens themselves
08 april 2019

The governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek at a meeting of the Public Council suggested starting a pilot project “Participation Budget” next year, allocating a certain amount to each district of the city, which will be distributed to the most vital areas by the residents themselves.

Today, Almaty’s executive committee systematically works to optimize budget expenditures on the basis of efficient and cost-effective solutions based on best practices. As it is known, on behalf of President Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, non-priority expenditures were previously reduced by 5.5 billion tenge, which were sent to finance the Bakytty Otbasy program.

“Together with the faction of the“ Nur Otan ”party, an additional analysis of budget expenditures was carried out and a reduction of over 7 billions tenge were submitted for consideration by the Public Council. It is proposed to postpone the projects previously supported for realization this year - improvement of public gardens along the streets of Mendikulov, Shukhov, the Budyonny Square, At the State Museum, Journalists, Mayak Parks in the md. Zhas-Kanat and 28 Panfilov Guardsmen. I believe that these projects should be discussed with the residents before they are implemented. In general, the budget is developed taking into account the views of citizens. We are constantly studying and analyzing complaints and suggestions, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

Thus, the work of the feedback channels is systemically adjusted. Almaty’s executive committee has official accounts in all social networks, almost 200 thousand people signed to the Instagram page only. About 500 calls are received daily, each of which is put into a single system “Open Almaty”, taken under control and analyzed.

Based on the needs of citizens, most of the budget is aimed at solving the most pressing issues: improvement, development of public transport, construction of roads and networks, schools, kindergartens and hospitals in the affiliated areas. As a result, the number of complaints for the year decreased by 3 times.

In order to increase the speed of response to citizens' appeals, a Single Contact Center is created, which will combine all contacts of city departments, district executive committees, emergency services and utilities in one number. Mobile application "Open Almaty" should combine various city services with the possibility of obtaining online services.

“I propose starting next year the pilot project“ Participation Budget ”, allocating a certain amount to each district, which will be distributed to the most vital areas by the residents themselves. Citizens through the system “Open Almaty” will be able to make proposals and projects that will be published and a public vote will determine the best of them. Members of the Public Council, experts and the budget commission will give their assessment of the projects. I believe that in Almaty, it is possible to allocate an average of up to half a billion tenge per district. That is, 4 billions tenge or 1% of the city budget will be allocated to all eight districts, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

The governor of the city noted that according to the UN recommendations, from 0.5% to 1% of the budget of many developed countries is formed in this way. This is one of the criteria for the openness of the budget process and the maturity of civil society. Such an initiative was introduced in London, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Moscow.

“It is important for us not only to hear the opinion of society, but also to create the possibility of taking responsibility for implementing budget decisions, including by co-financing civil initiatives. Such approaches reduce the share of dependent expectations, increasing respect for their city. In addition, all major projects should be discussed by city governments with residents, businesses and experts through feedback channels. I believe that the participation of the members of the Public Council in this initiative should be the most active, ”Bauyrzhan Baybek summed up.

We remind you that during the meeting it was also decided to postpone the implementation of the Kok-Zhailau project and channel the released funds to the execution of city programs.

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