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Monday, 27 may 2019
Alley of Japanese Sakura will appear in Almaty
14 april 2019

In Almaty, an alley of sakura will appear along the Esentai river , a symbol of the country of the rising sun. During the ceremony, today the first Japanese trees have been planted by the governor of the city Bauyrzhan Baybek and President of the Japanese transnational corporation “Tokyo Rope International” Sato Kazunori.

Japan is one of the key partners of Kazakhstan. A few years ago, The President Nursultan Nazarbayev, during his visit to Tokyo, via teleconference, opened the first Japanese steel products manufacturing plant Tokyo Rope Almaty in Almaty. Within the framework of the established Japanese business club, just a year ago, their second high-tech plant opened in the industrial zone of the city.

According to the president of the Japanese company Sato Kazunori, every year millions of tourists from all over the world come to the land of the rising sun to see with their own eyes how these trees bloom. He expressed confidence that planting sakura in Almaty will become a symbol of strengthening friendship and cultural ties between the two peoples.

“We picked up exactly the kind of sakura that fits the climate of Almaty. At the initial stage, more than 100 trees were brought, but we plan to plant even more. Almaty residents, without leaving their native city, will be able to enjoy their flowering. Now, together with the executive committee, we are engaged in bank protection of the Esentai River above Al-Farabi Avenue. To do this, we used our new technology - Rock Box. This durable and durable engineering protection system is made of an alloy of aluminum and zinc. She has no analogues in the world. Its environmental friendliness is also important. For the same material, fish lays her eggs in the rocks. Unlike concrete, with the Rock Box, which is produced at the Almaty plant, it is feasible. Sakura planting is a symbol of friendship. We plan to open a real Japanese restaurant in eco-style like the historical city of Kyoto, to continue shore protection works, having invested about $ 3 million, ”said Sato Kazunori.

It should be mentioned that at one of the meetings on the development of the city, Elbasy ordered to increase the green fund of the city more actively. As part of the accepted green program “Zhasyl Meken”, only this weekend in Almaty almost 7 thousand trees were planted, including such species as ash, birch, linden, oak, maple, acacia, spruce, etc. In total, this spring it is planned to plant more 12 thousand trees.

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