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Saturday, 25 may 2019
In Almaty, new schools and kindergartens will be built for the expense of economy
19 april 2019

In Almaty, an additional 13.8 billion tenge will be allocated from the local budget for the social needs of vulnerable segments of the population, the construction of schools and kindergartens, health and safety, and the improvement of the city.

Thus, in order to fulfill the instructions of the Head of State to strengthen measures to support large and low-income families, an additional 2.5 billion tenge is allocated. Earlier, by optimizing the financing of a number of non-priority projects, the implementation of the city program “Bakytty Otbasy”, initiated by order of Elbasy, was allocated 3.1 billion tenge.

Funds were allocated for the opening of two centers to support older people in the Nauryzbay and Auezov districts, as well as day care departments for children with disabilities with psycho-neurological pathologies in Medeu district and the Center for Special Social Services for 360 people with psycho-neurological diseases in Turksib district.

Due to the construction of new education facilities today, the shortage in schools has decreased by 20%, in kindergartens by 14%. At the same time, the population of the city grows on average annually by 50 thousand people, the number of schoolchildren by 10-12 thousand, and by the school level by 5-7 thousand. As a result, some schools are crowded.

3.3 billions tenge were allocated from the national budget for the construction of 2 schools for 1,200 places in the Mamyr-5.6 microdistrict and Nurshashkan village for 600 places, two extensions in the Aksay-3a microdistricts for 225 places and Duman-1 for 850 places . 212.6 million tenge were allocated from the local budget for the completion of the construction of three kindergartens in the Zhas-Kanat, Algabas and other microdistricts.

According to the World Bank's rating, Almaty ranks first in the country for ease of doing business, and for the first time the share of SMEs exceeded 42% in the economy and 64% in taxes. At the same time, as part of the execution of the order of the President of the country Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev, in addition to 4 billions tenge in Almaty, an additional 1.9 billion tenge is allocated in Almaty.

In addition, within the framework of the Year of Youth, the social project “Zhastar el t і reg і ” was started, aimed at the development of youth entrepreneurship, the training of highly qualified and competitive personnel.

For example, 100 million tenge was allocated for equipping the Almaty State College of service and technology with computer and multimedia equipment for designing and artistic graphics for sewing clothes, full equipment for sewing workshops, organizing art modeling and hairdressing cabinets, including for providing inclusive education .

In turn, it is planned to further allocate KZT 1.8 billion to the health sector, including the purchase of medical equipment for eight medical institutions and the completion of the construction of the Emergency Medical Substation building in the Alatau district.

As part of the improvement of the city on the principle of polycentricity, an additional overhaul of another 20 yards in Nauryzbay and 60 yards in Bostandyk districts, the current repair of the Ratushny and Pobedy squares in the Zhetysu district will be additionally carried out. In addition, construction of irrigation ditch networks and storm sewers will continue in five districts of the city.

As part of the development of the outskirts of the city, 3 billion tenge were allocated from the republican budget for the construction of roads in the Karasu, Akbulak, Trudovik neighborhoods. Additionally, funds were allocated from the local budget to start building roads in the Aigerim microdistricts 1, 2, and Shanyrak 1.

The republican budget will allocate funds for the construction of water supply and sewerage networks by 3.7 billion tenge to more than 58 thousand houses in 10 villages with a length of 256 km. These are Karasu, Nurshashkan, Zarya Vostoka, Algabas Almerek, Pervomayka, Boralday, Taugoly, Kuramys and Zhaylau.

In addition, due to the redistribution of the republican budget, it is planned to build 7 houses in the Zhas-Kanat microdistrict and on Akyn Sara street. Networks will be built up to apartment buildings under construction in the Shugyla, Zhas-Kanat and Algabas micro-districts. Funding from the local budget will be 115.5 million tenge.

According to the program of modernization of housing and public utilities, it is planned to overhaul 94 apartment buildings for 877.6 million tenge. It should be noted that in 2.5 years 367 houses have already been repaired and 512 elevators replaced.

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