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Thursday, 27 june 2019
In Almaty, it is planned to prohibit the chemical cultivation of green spaces
20 may 2019

During the staff meeting, the governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek discussed the use of chemical and biological agents in the processing of greenery.

“We often use chemicals. In the same place where the application of biological products is declared, according to the Institute for Plant Protection, providers replace them with chemical ones, since they are 3-4 times cheaper. At the same time, international experience shows that in developed countries chemical preparations are used only during mass outbreaks of infections, since they have a negative impact on the environment and public health, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

According to the Department of Public Health, over 12 thousand people with bronchial asthma and about 27 thousand citizens with allergic diseases are registered in the city.

“Taking into account the recommendations of biologists, ecologists and chemists, he instructed to cardinally reduce the use of chemical preparations. As a pilot, we chose the Zhetysu district, where this summer all green plantings will be treated only with biologics. This will be a serious contribution to improving the ecology and health of citizens, ”said the city governor.

Today, during a working visit, Bauyrzhan Baybek and the patron of arts Bulat Utemuratov got acquainted with the plans for the reconstruction of the Almaty Botanical Garden.

Since the object is on the balance sheet of the Ministry of Education and Science, Almaty is waiting for the adoption of a bill on the transfer of the Botgardern into communal ownership. This will allow the city to bring engineering networks, plumbing and start building the necessary access roads.

In turn, the B. Utemuratov Foundation already this summer plans to begin construction of 3 new entrance pavilions and various paths, lighting reconstruction, irrigation network, creation of new lakes, planting almost 1000 trees, 10 thousand bushes, etc. At the same time, all work will be carried out without damage for green spaces.

According to the governor of Almaty, all this should and will be carried out under the inspection of citizens.

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