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Monday, 17 june 2019
Almaty bus park will be upgraded to 100%
22 may 2019

In Almaty, the interim results of urban transport reform have been summed up. For three years, 1,113 new buses have been bought, the first BRT line in the country has been started, and car-sharing and bike-rental services have been introduced. The construction of two new metro stations and the realization of the LRT light rail project continue.

Today, the Almaty bus fleet has already been updated by 80%. This became possible, including due to the introduction of the Onay cashless payment system, which allowed withdrawing funds from the shadow turnover. Today, 97% of all transactions are non-cash. The possibility of payment of fare through a QR-code is gaining popularity among the population.

A transparent picture of the income from the fare payment raised the question to the carriers about the need to renew the fleet and improve the quality of service. According to the Transport Holding, if in the private carrier “BATU TRAVEL” in April last year, revenues excluding subsidies and compensations amounted to 4.7 million tenge, then in April of the current year these figures were 12.3 millions tenge. The same situation is with the private carrier DUMAN TRANS, where, over the same period, revenue grew 1.8 times.

“This year, the Almaty bus park will be updated to 100%. About 500 buses will be delivered soon, including 200 on gas and 60 "harmonicas". Taking into account the appeals of citizens to me on Instagram I ordered to update the 38 route. New 18-meter gas buses will be launched there. In the comments, many are asking to replace route 48. Let's update it, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

To improve the ecology of the city, electric transport is being introduced. For this, a Kazakh-German-Hong Kong plant for the assembly of electric buses of the third generation and a bus depot with 300 seats were built. The first 10 buses “made in Almaty” will be on the routes in a few days. The design and estimate documentation for the reconstruction of trolleybus contact networks has been developed.

During the visit to the Transport Holding, the governor of the city also reported that after the introduction of BRT, the passenger traffic increased by 40%, and the travel time decreased by 15 minutes. According to the Police Department, in January-April of this year, the number of accidents decreased by 24%.

By the end of the summer, at the expense of extra-budgetary funds, 50 more electronic boards will be installed on the station complexes. The transport holding company is negotiating the integration of the Okay system with bicycle sharing services, taxis, travel to the Ile-Alatau Nature Park, etc.

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