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Thursday, 27 june 2019
The 16th Eurasian Media Forum is started in Almaty
23 may 2019

The 16th Eurasian Media Forum is taking place in Almaty, gathering more than 600 representatives from 50 countries of the world. Famous journalists, popular public figures and authoritative politicians discuss the active questions of geopolitical, economic and socio-cultural development, both in Kazakhstan and the international community.

By welcoming the forum participants, the governor of the city, Bauyrzhan Baybek, noted that the Eurasian Media Forum, which started for the first time 17 years ago in Almaty, today became an authoritative international dialogue platform, where, along with professional issues of the media sphere, the fundamental topics of concern to the world community are discussed.

“Mass media is not only the world represented by the journalistic community. This is a powerful information institution that defines the life of modern society, forms a new communication culture. In turn, Almaty is a city of active citizens and holding such a large-scale forum with high goals is always of interest among citizens. Today, more than 4 thousand NGOs and more than a thousand media work in the city. The activity of the expert community is high. For public opinion on the development of the city, new mechanisms of interaction with civil society and the general public have been introduced, ”said Bauyrzhan Baybek.

Thus, the public reception of the Open Almaty of the executive committee is successfully operating. Starting this year, in accordance with the recommendations of the OECD on allocating 1% of the budget for distribution by the residents themselves, the project “Participation Budget” is started. In each district of Almaty, citizens on their own, based on proposals and by public vote, will decide where to send budget funds.

“The pledge of sustainable development is reliance on the unshakable values of statehood. These are values that do not change, despite the direction in which the world and humanity are developing. These include humanity, justice, solidarity, the pursuit of knowledge and harmony, which are the basis for the well-being of any society. At the present stage, characterized by accelerated transformation processes, their relevance is increasing. The media is crucial for the dissemination and strengthening in the public consciousness of these values common to all mankind. I am sure that the Eurasian Media Forum, which has become a significant platform for experts from around the world, will make its important contribution to determining the main directions of further development, including by promoting the ideas of dialogue and mutual cooperation, ”the city mayor emphasized.

As the region’s largest metropolis, Almaty is an international platform for world-class meetings and negotiations. In recent years, the Summit of Mayors of the World Health Organization, the 28th World Winter Universiade, took place at a high level in the city. For the first time outside the OECD countries, “Eurasia Week” was held. The Forum on the Digitalization of the Eurasian Economic Union was held for the second time, which participants rated as “digital Davos”.

“Annually, more than 50 international mass cultural and sports events, festivals of jazz, classical and ethnic music are held in Almaty. For example, this Saturday the traditional festival of ethnic music “The Spirit of Tengri” will take place. I want to invite to this holiday of music all the participants of the Forum, who will stay in the city for the weekend. I wish everyone to feel warm hospitality, enjoy the beautiful nature and sights of the city, learn more about our national culture, ”added Bauyrzhan Baybek.

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