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Thursday, 27 june 2019
27 fountains have been built and rebuilt in Almaty
24 may 2019

In Almaty, the constructions of new and the so-called “forgotten” fountains continue for a comfortable urban environment. The governor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baybek during the working visit checked new fountains, including in front of the Kurmangazy Conservatory building, made in the form of one of the most ancient musical instruments in the world - the dombra.

Today on the territory of Almaty there are already more than 100 fountains. At the same time, 27 fountains were built and restored only in the last three years.

This year it is planned to build a large fountain complex and two dry fountains as part of the renovation of the Dostyk Avenue at the intersections with Kurmangazy, Zhambyl and in front of the KazNPU building named after Abay. In connection with the deterioration of structures, Bauyrzhan Baybek also commissioned the reconstruction of fountains in the park named after the First President and in front of the M. Auezov Drama Theater.

This year, the new fountains will delight the citizens on Abay Avenue, including in front of the Academy of Sport and Tourism and the building of the former Turksib Hospital. A new fountain appeared on the site of a former parking lot in front of the KTZh building along Nazarbayev Avenue. Nearby several "dry" fountains were built.

A fountain was built between the National Library and Baiseitov Street. A fountain that did not work in front of the Lermontov State Academic Russian Drama Theater was repaired.

Several new fountains appeared at once on the renovated Abay square in front of the Palace of the Republic. Old fountains at the intersections of Shevchenko and Karasay Batyr streets were reconstructed along Abylai Khan Avenue. In addition, a “dry” fountain appeared at the station square of Almaty-2 railway station.

When creating pedestrian spaces, seven fountains were built on the streets of Panfilov, Zhibek Zholy and Astana Square. On the territory of the reconstructed Central Park, to the east of the summer scene, a new fountain with an installation of apple trees appeared. An old fountain that had not functioned for more than 10 years was repaired here.

It should be mentioned that by Almaty 2020 Development Program adopted in 2015, 60% of the historical center, almost 600 streets and more than 1,400 old courtyards were repaired in the metropolis after the discussion with citizens. A third of street lighting was translated into LED and energy-saving lamps, 300 km of irrigation ditches and about 2000 km of utility networks were replaced. all subways of the city were updated.

This year it is planned to repair more than 600 courtyards, covering 50% of all urban high-rises. Medium repairs started over 120 streets. In addition, new roads will be built on 456 streets in 14 microdistricts of the city. On the outskirts of the city, a number of parks, squares and pedestrian zones will be landscaped. In order to create a safe urban environment, new LED lamps will additionally be installed on more than 120 city streets.

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