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Wednesday, 5 august 2020
Bakhytzhan Sagintayev spoke about measures of social support for citizens
27 may 2020

During an online press conference, the city akim B. Sagintayev spoke about measures of social support for citizens in need, during the state of emergency and the quarantine regime in the city of Almaty.


In accordance with the order of the President K.-J. Tokayev in Almaty, persons who lost income due to the state of emergency, were assigned a monthly payment in the amount of 1 GMI ( guaranteed minimum earning of 42,500 tenge), a payment for the reimbursement of utilities for a certain category of people.

Over 440 thousand Almaty residents were assigned and transferred a payment in the case of a loss of income in the amount of 42,500 tenge. During the period of the emergency, 898 136 applications were accepted, due to the discrepancy in format-logical control, the remaining applications were rejected.

First of all, support was provided to persons with disabilities, participants in the Second World War and persons equated to them, families raising children with disabilities, large families, pensioners with a minimum pension and single pensioners, families of people who died in the performance of state or public duties, as well as citizens receiving Targeted social assistance.

At the same time, public funds and the Nur Otan party also supported the city’s population during this period. Through the community trust “Zhana Alatau”, grocery baskets were provided to people in need. Also, 52.1 thousand people received one-time assistance in the amount of 2.6 billion tenge from the Birgemiz fund.

Additional social measures in the amount of 1.9 billion tenge were also provided at the level of the  Akimat. The elderly and single pensioners were provided with hot meals. Every day, from March 27, 819 pensioners were delivered hot meals in the amount of 33.6 million tenge. Sanitary kits for 7 thousand people for 75 million tenge and 2 million medical masks for 40 thousand people were also distributed to those in need.

During the press conference, B. Sagintayev also spoke about the center being built to provide assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population. The House of Social Services is a “one-stop shop” center where a wide range of services will be provided to this certain category of people. The project is planned to be launched at the end of this year.

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