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Thursday, 26 april 2018
Urban economy / A veterinary center of almaty

SCE on LEJ "The Veterinary Center of Almaty" of the Department of Agriculture and Vetenaria of Almaty city

It is located at the address: Almaty, Bostandyk district, Abay avenue, 125 corner st. Zharokova. Director Bektemisov SA, (contact phone numbers 269-90-11, 269-90-06).

The company conducts anti-epizootic activities in the city of Almaty. For realization of the set goal the enterprise carries out the following activities:

- carrying out veterinary measures against especially dangerous and enzootic diseases of animals;

- identification of farm animals;

- rendering services on artificial insemination of animals;

- rendering services for transportation (delivery), storage of veterinary drugs against especially dangerous and enzootic diseases of animals, as well as transportation (delivery) of products (tools) and veterinary attributes for identification of agricultural animals;

- the contents of the cattle graveyard (biothermic pits), the slaughter site;

- catching and destroying stray dogs and cats;

- other types of veterinary activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The dispatching service of the enterprise coordinates the work on catching stray dogs and cats. For questions about catching stray dogs and cats, please call: 385-53-05.

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