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Thursday, 19 september 2019
Administration / Administrations structure / Alternates akim / Azirbayev Mukhit Bakytovich
Mukhit Bakytovich
Deputy Akim of Almaty
Reception day and hours: Tuesday 14.30 h. Office 616a
+7 (727) 271-65-49

Coordinates issues in the field of urban planning and urban studies, a comfortable urban environment, land relations, urban planning control.

Provides coordinated functioning and interaction with territorial divisions of central government bodies and other organizations in the field of land relations, architectural and urban planning activities, and technical expertise.

Administers the activity of:

  1. The Almaty City Planning and Urban Planning Directorate;
  2. Management of a comfortable urban environment in Almaty;
  3. Land Relations Department of the city of Almaty;
  4. Office of Urban Control of the city of Almaty.

Supervises activities of:

  1. LLP "Scientific Research Institute" Almatygenplan ".

Organizes the work of:

  1. The Town-planning council of the city of Almaty;
  2. Coordination Council for the implementation of the Nurly Zher Housing Program under the Akimat of Almaty;
  3. Land Commission of the city of Almaty;
  4. LLP "Capital construction enterprise of the city administration of Almaty";
  5. Tender committee to determine a private partner for public-private partnership projects.


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