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Saturday, 24 august 2019
Administration / Administrations structure / Alternates akim / Kyrykbayev Arman Orazbayevich
Arman Orazbayevich
The deputy governor of the Almaty city
+7 (727) 271-66-67

Coordinates issues of domestic policy, education, culture, language development, physical culture and sport, youth policy, religion.

Ensures coordinated functioning and interaction with territorial units of central state bodies and other organizations in the field of interethnic relations and information, education, culture, physical culture, sports, mass media, and child protection.

Supervises activities:

1. Department of Internal Policy of Almaty.

2. Department of Education of Almaty.

3. The Department of Physical Culture and Sports of Almaty.

4. Department for Youth Policy of Almaty.

5. Department of Culture and Archives of Almaty.

6. Department of Religious Affairs of Almaty city.

7. Office for the Development of Languages.

Supervises activities:

1. State utility company on the right of economic management "Center for Information and Analysis of the City of Almaty".

2. Limited Liability Partnership "Newspaper" Almaty a қ shamy ".

3. Limited Liability Partnership "Newspaper" Evening Almaty ".

4. Joint-Stock Company TRK Almaty.

5. Limited Liability Partnership "Palace of the Republic".

6. Communal state institution "Kokamdyk kel і sim" of the apparatus of akim of the city of Almaty.

7. Limited Liability Partnership "Central Stadium".

8. Limited Liability Partnership "Volleyball Club" Almaty ".

9. Limited Liability Partnerships "Football Club" Kairat ".

10. Partnerships with limited liability "Basketball Club" Almaty ".

11. Limited Liability Partnership "Directorate of Sports Facilities of Almaty City".

12. The State Fund "Directorate of International Sports Projects of Almaty".

13. The municipal state-owned enterprise "High-mountain sports complex" Medeo ".

14. The state communal state enterprise "Kazakh State Circus".

15. The state communal state enterprise "The State Puppet Theater".

16. State public utility "Nasihat".

17. State public utility "Association of Museums of Almaty".

18. The State Public Enterprise "Almaty auendery".

19. The municipal government institution "Centralized Library System of the City of Almaty".

Organizes the work:

1. Commission for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Almaty

2. The Regional Council for the Development of Technical and Vocational Education

Education and personnel training under the akimat of Almaty city

3. City Board of Trustees "House of Hope"

4. Commission for approval and placement of the state educational order in organizations implementing general educational curricula of preschool education and training

5. Commission on State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

6. Council for the implementation of state youth policy under the executive committee of Almaty city

7. Onomastic commission of Almaty city

8. Council on Relations with Religious Associations under the executive committee of Almaty

9. Commission for Women's Affairs and Family-Demographic Policy under the governor of Almaty

10. The Interdepartmental Commission of the City of Almaty on Minors' Affairs and Protection of Their Rights

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