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Tuesday, 22 september 2020
Society / Council of state youth policy realisation

The council activities’ information about the implementation of state youth policy under the executive committee of Almaty.

In 2015, a new concept of the Council's activities on the implementation of the state youth policy under the executive committee of Almaty was initiated by taking into account the modernization of approaches in solving the urgent problems in the field of state youth policy and time requirements. First of all, these changes affected the qualitative composition of the Council.

Taking into account the public nature of this advisory department, up to 95% of the representatives of youth, the students and the non-governmental organizations, the deputies of Maslikhat of the Almaty city, the independent experts and the specialists from various branches of science, education, industry and business were included in its updated format. After considering a significant number of candidates (more than 100), conducted by online voting, 35 members of the voting were elected to the new staff of the Council for the Implementation of the State Youth Policy.

Taking into account a number of priority tasks, the work of the Council is organized in four main areas of activity, with the following working groups:

- for civil-patriotic and legal education;

- for education, culture, sport, tourism and ecology;

- for science, innovative development and support of youth entrepreneurship;

- for social and creative projects.

The expert groups study proposals and projects submitted to the Council for consideration, make the necessary recommendations, estimate their implementation and effectiveness, and lead public control on the legitimacy of the distribution and clarity of the mechanism for the use of financial resources.

Periodicity of meetings of the Council - according to the degree of necessity, but at least 2 times a year. The activities of the working groups are carried out by permanent basis in accordance with the current tasks and decisions of the Council on the most urgent challenges in the life of the Almaty youth.

In 2015, 5 meetings of the Council on the implementation of state youth policy under the executive committee of the Almaty city were held. According to the change in the qualitative staff of the Council, a regular meeting of the advisory and advisory department is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016.

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